Frequently Asked Questions

Are drop-ins allowed?

Drop in access pass is good for the day for $20.

Can I try a class?

We allow a free trial class to everyone living in the Athens  area.

What type of instruction do you offer?

We focus entirely on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No-Gi, Wrestling, and Judo.

Is there a limit to the number of classes I am allowed to attend?

All memberships are unlimited, so for one set rate you’re allowed to join as many class as you feel comfortable.

I forgot my belt, may I train without a belt?

We kindly ask to use a complete uniform. Belt rental is $5.

As a visitor from another gym, may I wear my current GI?

Our uniform policy requests white GIs free of patches from other academies and a black rashguard. If your GI contains branding we have rentals available.

May I attend No-GI classes?

Yes! All memberships are unlimited.

I would like to sign-up but cannot commit to a two year contract due to relocation or outside commitments. What can I do?

Great, we offer monthly memberships with no contracts. Kindly give us 30 days notice prior to your departure.